Furthering one’s education is considered by many to be of vital importance.It is especially true for parents who are trying to do things in the interest of their child. Schooling is essential, but many has found, with the population growth and competition is becoming more fierce; there is a need to aim even higher. One option to give yourself or your kids the advantage over others is tuition.  The tuition I am talking about education outside of the normal school hours. Many of you would heard about it, especially those that are already enrolled in tuition.

When you ask parents, would you put your kids through tuition? The answer is predominantly yes! It comes to no surprise to me. Yet still, many parents do not send their kids to tuition. Why? I think a major contributing factor is cost, with many tutors charging up to $100 per hour. Yeh sure the tutors needs to be compensated, but at what cost? Cost of families missing out on this service because they can’t afford it?

Let’s face it, some families are struggling to make ends meet and often have to work multiple jobs.

Long story short, this website is primarily for parents and school aged students are after free tuition. Free tuition? Yes, this is our aim.

How do we do it? We simply do the research on the web for you and post it here on this site. For example, there are many youtube videos that are available to be viewed for free. We will also provide a page on this site so that people who are willing to provide tuition for free.

We’re aiming high, but what the heck? We wouldn’t do it if there’s no need for it. Let’s all learn together!