Roof restoration company, our new sponsor

More great news regarding sponsors, ladies and gentlemen! Last week the BGE Tutoring free tuition program sealed a deal with one of Perth’s most respected roof restoration companies, the widely acclaimed and high-quality Alderman Co. Alderman Co. has provided roofing to some of the older universities in the area as well as many shops and private residences, and are looking forward to cover students in a totally different way– the financial way!

Mr. Alderman himself, the company CEO, decided to turn some of his business’ interests to helping out students. As a young man who struggled to pay for his own tertiary education, this move has a personal value for both him and his employees, many of whom have not attended college. Last year Alderman Co. won a best service award, as voted upon by a nationwide survey. It only seemed fitting to Mr. Alderman that the company share their good luck and give back to the community in a different way.

As with our other sponsors, Alderman Co. will be honored at our community gathering, where the BGE Tutoring family will get to know their sponsors and the sponsors will get to know the students who are benefiting from their generosity. We look forward to strengthening ties with the BGE Tutoring community, all of which works toward sending students to university tuition-free. Alderman Co. will also have their logo featured on our art students’ mural honoring the many sponsors of BGE Tutoring, promoting the program and attracting future sponsors. For this reason, the mural will be left unfinished, an ever-growing work in progress in which incoming members of the BGE Tutoring family will be able to leave their mark.

Alderman Co. will be joining other companies such as Power Lock, a Perth based locksmith business, and timber-flooring service Jollywood as part of our 2015 sponsors list. BGE Tutoring has had the good luck to be receiving support from companies big and small in the past couple of years. As 2015 draws to a close, we hope that the new year only brings more sponsors to come– and more success to the BGE Tutoring program in providing free tuition to determined and promising students across Perth.

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