Our new sponsor deal with a timber flooring contractor

We at the BGE Tutoring free tuition program are pleased to let the community know of another addition to our sponsors list. Timber flooring contractor Flooring Perth will be joining us this year, lending their help and support toward our goal of providing students with eduction, tuition free.

Flooring Perth came to us some months ago with the interest in helping our cause. We didn’t know it then, but they turned out to be a lucky charm! About a month after Flooring Perth called, we spoke with Mr. Alderman, the owner of a Roof restoration compnay, and he may become one of our sponsors as well. Not long afterward we were approached by the lovely family owners of Powerlock, a locksmith service. Which rounds out our list of sponsors to a healthy number, with more saying they are interested. We at BGE Tutoring are incredibly grateful. This month we’ll be honoring our new sponsors and welcoming them to the BGE Tutoring family with a small get-together, to which all staff, students and sponsors are invited.

Flooring Perth is a true business titan, established a few years ago and won several best service awards to their name. In recent years they have only been beat out by none other than Alderman Co., and we are lucky to have both companies jumping aboard our ship. True to its name Flooring Perth is dedicated to making customers happy, although their infectious love of good quality and community care has extended to far behind their customers. Flooring Perth is a popular and well-loved sponsor of other organizations, and they are most proud of their contributions toward helping refugees that come to Australia. CEO Rachel Rowley laughingly says that although her company provides quality flooring, when it comes to philanthropy and sponsoring non-government organizations, they are more like a blanket.

“We like to reach out and help wherever we can,” she says. “There are many branches across the country and that allows us to be able to reach out to the ones who need it most, wherever they might be. Hopping aboard BGE Tutoring may not be as dramatic as helping to end world hunger, but if it goes toward building a student’s future without the stress now, that’s got to be good enough!”

Despite the literally jolly nature of Flooring Perth staff and executives, we are assured that they mean all business. Already students heading to university and tertiary studies this semester have benefitted from the company’s generous contributions.

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