Local locksmith signed up for sponsoring

Today we are pleased to tell you about the newest sponsor to BGE Tutoring! Local locksmith company Power Lock has agreed to join four network of friends and supporters working toward giving college students free tuition across the state. This addition is greatly appreciated by our community and Power Lock is enthusiastic about lending a hand.

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Power Lock is a family-owned business, with Clint functioning as company head. The family originates from Australia and have always valued education, saying that they wish there were more free tuition programs in their home country. They are more than happy to contribute toward such a program here in Sydney. Power Lock has arranged for 12% of their annual profit (although according to eldest son Basilio, the company’s financial manager, an argument could be made for 15%) to go toward our sponsorship funds. Power Lock started out as a simple lock repair establishment in St. Leonards during the 80’s, when Mr. Marahuyo’s mother and father moved here to build their business. Through hard work and a keen eye for seeing where their expertise was needed, Power Lock grew into the confident business it is now, making security and lock systems for companies both large and small, from their neighbor Happy Feet dance company to Woolworths’ warehouses in the area. They remain the most trusted and effective locksmith service in Perth. In the past year they have been most proud of being called in to install electronic locks and lockers for one of the rising conglomerates in Perth, Carrera Technologies. But Clint and family enthusiastically tell us that their most recent achievement as a company and a family is being able to help others by sponsoring students through BGE.

Power Lock is the latest in a string of exciting new sponsors who all want to jump aboard in putting young people through college, tuition-free. In gratitude and recognition of this, BGE is hosting a social gathering next week at our head office, to which all students, staff, sponsors and more are invited. The Power Lock company as well as many others will be officially welcomed into our vast network and become part of the BGE family. Also, arts students sponsored by our program are planning to create a tribute mural in the local park in honor of companies who have helped them achieve their education goals. The mural will hopefully raise awareness of our organization and attract more supporters.

We at BGE are indeed beginning to live up to our name, in the hope that the years to come will indeed mean the smoothest of sailing for us and the students we sponsor.

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