Removalist Company, an Unexpected Sponsor

In our first few posts we wanted to acknowledge our sponsors. Yes our sites are free, but it needs some sort of funding to stay afloat. Although hosting sites are not  relatively expensive, we’d like to give back to our volunteers. Sometime we use the money to pay for their lunch. Who doesn’t like a treat once in  a while right? This leads into the introduction of our first ever sponsor, surprisingly it is a removalists company. They are trading as Crusader Removals.

This removalists company has offered to sponsor us for at least one year. Which is very exciting in our eyes. Although we appreciate any amount of donations that comes our way, committing to longer term period (such as 1 year) will give us a safe buffer zone. the financial support will also ensure our volunteers that their time is highly regarded and not taken for granted. As we’ve mentioned before, the lunch treat that we shout to our volunteers from time to time is very well received. Just like paid workers in any industries, keeping our volunteers happy is the main goal to attract them to stay longer with us. Many would do it anyway because they are genuinely helpful people, constantly giving their time for a good cause.

Because Crusader Removals has kindly supported us. The very least least we can do to pay them back is through online exposure. That is, to give them a good name here on our website ( So please, please, please.. if you are looking for an honest removalist in your local area, then this guys are the go to people. They are friendly, approachable and know their stuff. I know it sounds quite obvious but I’ve heard of several removalists (from my own experience, so I won’t slag anyone off.

So they you go, a quick blurb about one of our sponsors.

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