Roof restoration company, our new sponsor

More great news regarding sponsors, ladies and gentlemen! Last week the BGE Tutoring free tuition program sealed a deal with one of Perth’s most respected roof restoration companies, the widely acclaimed and high-quality Alderman Co. Alderman Co. has provided roofing to some of the older universities in the area as well as many shops and private residences, and are looking forward to cover students in a totally different way– the financial way!

Mr. Alderman himself, the company CEO, decided to turn some of his business’ interests to helping out students. As a young man who struggled to pay for his own tertiary education, this move has a personal value for both him and his employees, many of whom have not attended college. Last year Alderman Co. won a best service award, as voted upon by a nationwide survey. It only seemed fitting to Mr. Alderman that the company share their good luck and give back to the community in a different way.

As with our other sponsors, Alderman Co. will be honored at our community gathering, where the BGE Tutoring family will get to know their sponsors and the sponsors will get to know the students who are benefiting from their generosity. We look forward to strengthening ties with the BGE Tutoring community, all of which works toward sending students to university tuition-free. Alderman Co. will also have their logo featured on our art students’ mural honoring the many sponsors of BGE Tutoring, promoting the program and attracting future sponsors. For this reason, the mural will be left unfinished, an ever-growing work in progress in which incoming members of the BGE Tutoring family will be able to leave their mark.

Alderman Co. will be joining other companies such as Power Lock, a Perth based locksmith business, and timber-flooring service Jollywood as part of our 2015 sponsors list. BGE Tutoring has had the good luck to be receiving support from companies big and small in the past couple of years. As 2015 draws to a close, we hope that the new year only brings more sponsors to come– and more success to the BGE Tutoring program in providing free tuition to determined and promising students across Perth.

Our new sponsor deal with a timber flooring contractor

We at the BGE Tutoring free tuition program are pleased to let the community know of another addition to our sponsors list. Timber flooring contractor Flooring Perth will be joining us this year, lending their help and support toward our goal of providing students with eduction, tuition free.

Flooring Perth came to us some months ago with the interest in helping our cause. We didn’t know it then, but they turned out to be a lucky charm! About a month after Flooring Perth called, we spoke with Mr. Alderman, the owner of a Roof restoration compnay, and he may become one of our sponsors as well. Not long afterward we were approached by the lovely family owners of Powerlock, a locksmith service. Which rounds out our list of sponsors to a healthy number, with more saying they are interested. We at BGE Tutoring are incredibly grateful. This month we’ll be honoring our new sponsors and welcoming them to the BGE Tutoring family with a small get-together, to which all staff, students and sponsors are invited.

Flooring Perth is a true business titan, established a few years ago and won several best service awards to their name. In recent years they have only been beat out by none other than Alderman Co., and we are lucky to have both companies jumping aboard our ship. True to its name Flooring Perth is dedicated to making customers happy, although their infectious love of good quality and community care has extended to far behind their customers. Flooring Perth is a popular and well-loved sponsor of other organizations, and they are most proud of their contributions toward helping refugees that come to Australia. CEO Rachel Rowley laughingly says that although her company provides quality flooring, when it comes to philanthropy and sponsoring non-government organizations, they are more like a blanket.

“We like to reach out and help wherever we can,” she says. “There are many branches across the country and that allows us to be able to reach out to the ones who need it most, wherever they might be. Hopping aboard BGE Tutoring may not be as dramatic as helping to end world hunger, but if it goes toward building a student’s future without the stress now, that’s got to be good enough!”

Despite the literally jolly nature of Flooring Perth staff and executives, we are assured that they mean all business. Already students heading to university and tertiary studies this semester have benefitted from the company’s generous contributions.

Youtube as a tutoring tool

Many of you will know that there are many free tools out there to help your kids with their school work. As mentioned somewhere on this website, youtube is arguably one of the best free tool available on the internet. Yes you still have to do your due diligence when it comes to taking things as being fact. But with good research, it is a goldmine and a wealth of knowledge.

Why is it an excellent tool? To put it quite simply, it provides a visual aspect of it. If they say a picture paints a thousand words, then video paints a million words. Videos makes the learning experience an interactive one. Putting you in control of the playback feature (eg. pause, fast forward etc) makes it possible for students to truly go at their own pace.

Here’s a quick example of a youtube video illustrating how to do long division:

Local locksmith signed up for sponsoring

Today we are pleased to tell you about the newest sponsor to BGE Tutoring! Local locksmith company Power Lock has agreed to join four network of friends and supporters working toward giving college students free tuition across the state. This addition is greatly appreciated by our community and Power Lock is enthusiastic about lending a hand.

locksmith snapshot

Power Lock is a family-owned business, with Clint functioning as company head. The family originates from Australia and have always valued education, saying that they wish there were more free tuition programs in their home country. They are more than happy to contribute toward such a program here in Sydney. Power Lock has arranged for 12% of their annual profit (although according to eldest son Basilio, the company’s financial manager, an argument could be made for 15%) to go toward our sponsorship funds. Power Lock started out as a simple lock repair establishment in St. Leonards during the 80’s, when Mr. Marahuyo’s mother and father moved here to build their business. Through hard work and a keen eye for seeing where their expertise was needed, Power Lock grew into the confident business it is now, making security and lock systems for companies both large and small, from their neighbor Happy Feet dance company to Woolworths’ warehouses in the area. They remain the most trusted and effective locksmith service in Perth. In the past year they have been most proud of being called in to install electronic locks and lockers for one of the rising conglomerates in Perth, Carrera Technologies. But Clint and family enthusiastically tell us that their most recent achievement as a company and a family is being able to help others by sponsoring students through BGE.

Power Lock is the latest in a string of exciting new sponsors who all want to jump aboard in putting young people through college, tuition-free. In gratitude and recognition of this, BGE is hosting a social gathering next week at our head office, to which all students, staff, sponsors and more are invited. The Power Lock company as well as many others will be officially welcomed into our vast network and become part of the BGE family. Also, arts students sponsored by our program are planning to create a tribute mural in the local park in honor of companies who have helped them achieve their education goals. The mural will hopefully raise awareness of our organization and attract more supporters.

We at BGE are indeed beginning to live up to our name, in the hope that the years to come will indeed mean the smoothest of sailing for us and the students we sponsor.

Removalist Company, an Unexpected Sponsor

In our first few posts we wanted to acknowledge our sponsors. Yes our sites are free, but it needs some sort of funding to stay afloat. Although hosting sites are not  relatively expensive, we’d like to give back to our volunteers. Sometime we use the money to pay for their lunch. Who doesn’t like a treat once in  a while right? This leads into the introduction of our first ever sponsor, surprisingly it is a removalists company. They are trading as Crusader Removals.

This removalists company has offered to sponsor us for at least one year. Which is very exciting in our eyes. Although we appreciate any amount of donations that comes our way, committing to longer term period (such as 1 year) will give us a safe buffer zone. the financial support will also ensure our volunteers that their time is highly regarded and not taken for granted. As we’ve mentioned before, the lunch treat that we shout to our volunteers from time to time is very well received. Just like paid workers in any industries, keeping our volunteers happy is the main goal to attract them to stay longer with us. Many would do it anyway because they are genuinely helpful people, constantly giving their time for a good cause.

Because Crusader Removals has kindly supported us. The very least least we can do to pay them back is through online exposure. That is, to give them a good name here on our website ( So please, please, please.. if you are looking for an honest removalist in your local area, then this guys are the go to people. They are friendly, approachable and know their stuff. I know it sounds quite obvious but I’ve heard of several removalists (from my own experience, so I won’t slag anyone off.

So they you go, a quick blurb about one of our sponsors.